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Work smarter, not harder.

I'm sat at my kitchen table, faced with a big blank sheet of paper, eyes scrunched shut with concentration. Having made a big deal at work about how I was going to pass a Microsoft exam, I now realise that I may actually have to deliver on that promise.

Motivating myself is so much harder than at college - the textbook is over three inches thick and my eyes keep glazing over.

I'd read a bunch of books on memorisation and how to study, but most of it seemed to be the same old advice, with little that could be easily applied to studying computing as an adult. There had to be a smarter way to study and I would have to discover it for myself.

A few months later, I was sitting down to take another exam, having revised for it in a fraction of the time it took to pass my first one. I had researched, adapted, and devised a systematic approach to computing revision, then packed it full of bullet proof techniques.

I had become great at studying, and so can you.

“As a teacher of Higher Computing I have been in the market for a system that would assist my students in studying and being able to get the most from their own recall. The GreyMatter system has fantastic and practical structures ideal for study in my subject. In the classroom I always stress the value of ‘Learning to Learn’ and many of the ideas contained within the book are going to be very valuable to my students come May!”

— C. Greenhalgh. Teacher of Computing and business, Livingston, Scotland.

The toughest aspect of IT certification exams is the sheer volume of information you need to get to grips with. Higher standards and specific technical questions make getting a ‘lucky pass’ virtually impossible. The Greymatter computing revision course and note taking system enables you to conquer the ‘information overload’, allowing you to get and keep the job of your dreams.

Drawing on knowledge from project management, personal productivity, motivation, performance management, a variety of note taking methods, and the same techniques used by memory champions, the Greymatter course has all the techniques you need to pass your exam.

In college we revise for exams by ‘cramming’ - endlessly reading and re-reading text books, writing page after page of notes, drinking gallons of coffee and staying up until the early hours of the morning. Tests clearly show that there are optimal ways to commit information to memory and motivate ourselves. Combining these personal productivity tactics with advanced studying and note taking techniques has created the most effective approach ever.

By pairing an instant audio download with a professionally printed manual, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds. You can start supercharging your computing revision straight away, but still receive a companion manual for reference.

Order today to start supercharging your revision. A synergy of disciplines:
  • Project management – to give you a clear overview of how much revision you have left to do, and where you need to spend more time.
  • Memory techniques – so that you can recite large lists of information with perfect accuracy.
  • Performance management – to keep you motivated.
  • Personal productivity – to increase the amount of computing revision you get through every day.
  • Specific studying and note taking techniques – to let you learn faster and more effectively.

Listen to short excerpts from the 'Big Revision Mistakes' section:

Passive learning

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Staying in our comfort zone

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  • Dodge the key revision mistakes that prevent the majority of students from even sitting the exam
  • Expert tips on using test questions and tutorials
  • Guiding principles to super charge revision for any subject
  • The single question that will change the way you use practise questions forever
  • Simply create mnemonics allowing instant recall of huge amounts of information
  • Maintain laser like focus on your weak areas
  • Master advanced studying and note taking techniques to shave weeks off your revision
  • Created by professional, certified Developers with advice from top personal coaches
  • Feel confident and in control right up to and into the exam
  • Learn vital motivation techniques to dispel procrastination and power through tough topics
  • Clear to follow instructions with quick start tips to get you going straight away
Order today to start supercharging your revision.

“Using this study guide has helped me understand more about how I need to work, in order to achieve my goals. For that alone, I'd give it full marks! I genuinely enjoyed reading it - the author clearly knows how to help people work effectively, and study without getting clogged up in other aspects of life.”

— P.Lowton. Development Manager, Bradford, England.

Order today to start supercharging your revision.

High quality printed technical manual:

The clear written reference guide gives fast access to the principles and skills that take the stress out of revision and note taking. Diagrams and in-depth subject coverage ensure concepts are easy to master.

  • Introduction
  • Ten Big Revision Mistakes
  • Power Tips for a Quick Fix
  • The Carrot - Rewards
  • The Stick - Accountability
  • Measuring Progress
  • Generating Enthusiasm
  • Pre-empting Procrastination
  • The Challenge Weekend
  • A New Note Taking Process
  • Memorisation
  • Applied Mnemonics
  • Mastering Practise Questions
  • Getting the Best from Practical Tutorials
  • The Two Tier Envelope System
  • Putting it into Practise
  • Hitting the Slump
  • The Revision Toolbox
  • References

Professionally recorded audio course:

Comprehensive audio course with all the information you need to take control of your studies. Learn to supercharge your revision anywhere you can take your headphones.

Mix and Match flash card software:

A widely compatible application, this replaces traditional flash cards with a more engaging experience, allowing you to quickly gain familiarity with a subject.

Multimedia Learning

Interactive presentation of the key principles and a walk through of both the content specific note taking and mnemonic creation processes. Quickly review and recap information, or dig deeper to enhance your understanding.

Mobile Multimedia

i-phone friendly multimedia course review. With both the audio course and the multimedia review on your mobile, you can get up to speed wherever you are.

Investing in yourself pays dividends on every exam you take. It's the difference between giving up before you've even started, and really acheiving something with your career.

  • Cost of having to resit exams — £100s
  • Unnecessary training materials — £100s
  • Time lost due to ineffective revision and note taking — £1000s
  • Missing out on the job or promotion you want — £1000s!
Order today to start supercharging your revision.

Order with complete confidence
Better than 100% money back guarantee!
If you're not totally satisfied with the course, you can keep the audio, send the manual back, and we'll refund your money. It's that simple.


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More resources are in development to allow you to understand the concepts of computing revision faster, and see how to apply them.

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